About Sydney Mae

Sydney Mae is an award-winning Pop/Adult Pop recording and performing artist based in Toronto. She has been recognized internationally for her gift of superior storytelling and room-silencing vocals that draw you in to see the world through her eyes. Originally from Calgary, Mae’s contemporary musical influences include Maggie Rogers, Léon, & Ashe, to name a few.  


Her single, “What We Do” (April 2023), is co-written by Allie Moss and Bess Rogers. “I brought up the idea of more ‘everyday’ numbing behaviours that assist my procrastination from feeling, acknowledging or dealing with something difficult,” explains Mae. “The goal of this song became about repairing my own sense of common humanity by turning a conversation that I formerly associated with shame and disappointment, into one that instead nurtures connection and community in our likeness so healing and perseverance are possible.”  


“What We Do” is the follow-up release to, “Not the Only One” (Jan 2023).  


Mae’s debut single, “Feet First” (2021), is featured in the Netflix reality series, Love Is Blind (Episode 403; March 2023), and has accumulated 250,000+ streams.