About Sydney Mae

Sydney Mae is an award-winning Pop/Adult Pop recording and performing artist based in Toronto. She has been recognized internationally for her gift of superior storytelling and room-silencing vocals that draw you in to see the world through her eyes. Originally from Calgary, Mae’s contemporary musical influences include Maggie Rogers, Léon, & Ashe to name a few. 


Her single, “Not the Only One” (Jan 2023), was co-written with Nancy Laberge and is inspired by multiple experiences of outgrowing significantly one-sided relationships. “We wrote this song at a time when I was neglecting my own experiences and emotions by putting the most importance solely on validating and supporting others. Within this particular relationship, I found that pouring all my energy into someone else robbed me of any resolution for myself which produced emotional build-ups and a wave of anxiety I didn’t know what to do with.”


Mae’s debut single, “Feet First” (2021), generated 245,000+ streams and was the #1 most-played song on Stingray Music’s Pop Adult channel.